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Heli Photo Carib


Movie Page

Movie 1: See our helicopter flying around a mega yacht at sunset in St.Maarten

Movie 2:See our helicopter flying around the Cruise Ship Pier at Pointe Blanche on his way to St.Barth's

Movie 3:See our helicopter approaching St.Barth's in long final over the harbor coming from St.Maarten

Movie 4:See our helicopter approaching St.Barth's in short final over the harbor coming from St.Maarten and preparing for landing.

Movie 5:See our helicopter landing in St.Barth's coming from St.Maarten.

Movie 6: See our helicopter approaching Scilly Cay Anguilla

Movie 7: Here we're in final approach on Scilly Cay island Anguilla

Property and yacht owners: Although legally we do not need any authorization from a property or yacht owner to make and publish aerial pictures and we have received authorization from most owners to publish those photographs, we respect your privacy .
If your property or yacht is pictured in this web site and you would like us to remove the photographs please contact us and we will be happy to remove and replace those photographs.

Please call +590690629955 or e-mail us if you need any information and we will be more than happy to work together with you.
For all non aerial yachting pictures please see

Best regards

The HPC team

Please note:
This is the former web site of Aero Photo Carib.
We are currently updating this new web site and several pages are not on line as yet.
Please come back soon !







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